Since 2006, serving Southern California

2015 – The program will be offered in the Phoenix area, but not offered  in Orange County, due to the many logistic problems in 2014 and our inability to guarantee they can be averted  in 2015.  We are deeply saddened by this decision.  We pray another alternative will fill the void for those in need of the hope we always intended to provide.   As with so many, our hearts are heavy NOT because we shall not ‘receive’ in 2015, but because we cannot give as desired.    We will miss our Orange County family and will intend to return in the coming year……   Sharon 

Every year it changes; some years few, some years many:  trees, families in need; donated ornaments; people to cut trees, assemble kits or deliver.   Always, the results are the same.

We invite you to share in the joy, during the year and holidays, of collecting, donating or assembling decorating kits in preparation for Christmas.


Our energies increased since joining Ehsan in his vision to bring unity in action, through charity, to the world.  In our own way,  this small effort to bring together people in creation and celebration of Holiday joy, feeds that unity.

Holiday Hopers!
Let our Christmas Hopers help you find or share Hope this year.

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    1. Thank you for asking! If you select ‘My trees and gifts” you should be able to register. The actual ‘categories’ are nearly complete for you to select. As soon as they are, an email will be sent to all those registered. Thank you, again, for asking.

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Matching unsold trees with those in need of the Hope they represent.

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