All Brite Tree Farm (watch for their star, 60′ high, at night, from the 10!)

Before YOU Head to All Brite, please pull extra ornaments, toppers, skirts or stands; bring them along so we can add them to our decorating kits for excess trees to area families whose hope is lost. 

Owner, Mark Milhon, spends his time between his farm (with Christmas Trees planted for annual harvesting) in Corvallis, Oregon, and his home in Goodyear, AZ.  

Framed Mark with trees framed

Naturally, when it comes time to harvest the annual ‘crop’ of trees, he directs them (and some of his neighbor’s beauties)  to his Landscaping Materials location, All Brite, at 18521 McDowell, Goodyear.

Main Lot                                                  Secondary Location

Framed Entrance            

With the amazing support of his entire staff, Christmas Trees arrive, are carefully unloaded and placed in fresh water to await the local customers.     The ‘tree man’ with the gusto?  That would be Alan!   Hard for him to say his favorite; from the Douglas, to Grand, to Noble to Nordman firs…. he loves (and hugs) them all!

4 types

No trees in the valley are fresher or better cared for.   Cheap, No.  Expensive, No.  Prices in all ranges, for all sizes, (up to 12 feet!); something for everyone.

Framed prices

And when you’ve picked yours, ask the Tree Dude (Alan) to help you place it into your vehicle.    If needed,  ask for a Christmas Trees of Hope delivery.  We’ll get it there for you safe and sound.

Framed AlanDon’t forget your Christmas Trees of Hope Bow and streamers (proceeds to defer costs of operation).   Take them home with the tree, decorate, enjoy the fragrance and have a Merry Christmas!




Matching unsold trees with those in need of the Hope they represent.

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