For you or a one you know, in need of Hope that a tree might fill.   Charities submitting their clientele, welcomed.

Available trees wil be matched with those in need of the hope they represent.

Each year we solicit and receive requests from charities and individuals whose lives may seem hopeless; whether alone, broke financially, emotionally or physically.  Around them, the season of joy is absent.  In its place, the season for seeking more, HOPE.

Thanks to your amazing neighbors,  we are able to collect and prepare small sets of ornaments; assemble or find tree toppers, skirts and stands into decorating kits.    They are stored by our friends at US Storage, Westminster, thanks to CharityStorage, and await ‘the tree count’.

Then, each year we are gifted an amount of trees; those unsold near season’s end.   Requests are coupled with the trees; decorating kits pulled; locations mappedfor drop-offs and pickups and SleighMen are summoned.   YOUR neighbors line up to bring you good cheer and hope….. and in return, they depart with the joy of your smiles or hugs.

What do people ‘ask’ of Christmas Trees of Hope?  Some ask, plesae help me experience the joy of giving.   Others, help me find hope this season.  Some ask both!!!   There are no restrictions to participating, other than non-repeat recipients,  so others may receive the opportunity.  Please help us ensure our recipients have the spirit and need for this hope, not abuse the generosity of caring neighbors.

Sufficient contact information is required when you create your tree.  Add notes to indicate necessary contact.    We will arrange secured drop-offs, and even setup, where appropriate.  There are  central pickup locations for those who can make the trip.




6 thoughts on “Request”

  1. Hello,

    I am a case manager from Lydia House/Long Beach Rescue Mission. I have a client who was previously housed and is in need of a Christmas tree. If possible could you please assist her and her daughter.

    This is the clients information:
    Shanika Brown
    3310 West 109th street
    Inglewood, CA 90309
    Phone: 312-399-5330

    1. Hi Erika,
      Thank you for your note and call. We will absolutely do our best to meet your request for Shanika. We make no promises, as we never know how many trees will be available until the last few days. BUT, if you will please use this link (then go through checkout and enter details for Shanika) it will be in our system and we will try super hard!

      Thank YOU for your great works and efforts. I hope we can complement them! Sharon

  2. Hello there,
    My name is Kelli and I am with Action Angel’s . I am a captain this year of one family that I am coordinating donations for . Unfortunately, this year donations are incredibly low and I am personally stressing out on making this Chritsmas happen for this well deserving family . One of my friends and her husband are volunteers for your organization and told me to write in. What do I need to do to get a Christmas tree to this family? I would be so appreciative! And, I know they would to! It is a family of five, single mom with four kids in a one bedroom apartment. The mother has lost her job and Chritsmas will not happen for them with out action Angels . And hopefully, with your help, it will be magical!
    My number is 949-842-7469 if needed
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Kelli,
      I hope we’ll be able to assist and we’ll do our best.
      Would you please enter the details starting with this link (then proceed to ‘checkout’ to add all details)

      Again, we’ll do our best. Trees do not become available until the last few days, and quantities are unknown, but we’re starting on the kits next week and will do our best….. Warm best and thank YOU for your great heart and works…

  3. Hi I was told you can help my family have a Christmas tree
    We’re a family of five with one on the way and we really would appreciate your help this year
    Thank you & Merry Christmas

    Wada Family
    (951) 235-6555

    1. Hi Melissa,
      We will do our best. Our trees become available in days just before Christmas, and we never know how many. But you are ‘in the system’ now and we’ll do our best to send one your way. Please try using the the this link then checkout to finalize your request (it will ensure we get all the information) (and tell me if there are any special requirements. We’ll let you know as soon as possible….but we never promise!
      Warm best,

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Matching unsold trees with those in need of the Hope they represent.

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