Volunteer – Holiday Hopers – Room for All

Whether placing collection boxes, or picking them up; making kits or delivering trees, there is something for everyone to do.  NOW and during the holidays.

  • Remote/ Computer / phone -based
    • Maintain WP Website    (by area/topic or skill)
    • Maintain Events using WP / EventBrite
    • Monitor donations, requests, etc.
    • Contact, create and email charities for client needs/direct them to use system or enter for them.   (template available) Verify other needs….
    • Accept Live-Chat assignment to handle incoming calls for assistance, information, etc.
    • Social Media setups, FB, Twitter, etc… per standard instructions.
    • Create dispatch maps (google) for deliveries.
  • Solicit, ‘sign’ and place collection boxes.
  • Solicit materials needed and artisans (bowmakers,  skirt-cutters/makers, stands with water bowls, special ornament groupings?)
  • Solicit tree donors (fresh, artificial; to or pre-cut)
  • Coordinate media attendance, photography, ‘ads’
  • Coordinate / help setup  and participate collection days/locations
  • Coordinate sorting, storage, organizing,
  • Coordinate / participate kit-making
  • Coordinate / participate tree cutting, pickups

Contact Sharon, 949.613-5059  or Sharon@ChristmasTreesofHope.com  for details.


5 thoughts on “Volunteer – Holiday Hopers – Room for All”

  1. Hi,

    My husband and I would like to participate in delivering trees if possible. We have a big truck and would like to give back this season. Also, a friend of mine has “adopted a family” for Christmas this year. Would we be able to request a tree and ornaments for them?

    Thank you so much,

    Melissa Phillips

    1. Hi Melissa,
      We spoke before, I believe, and you helped us dispose of ‘remains’ after the holidays a few years ago, I believe! I am tickled you got to us ‘early’! By ALLLLLL means we will use and appreciate your support.
      Would you please be so kind as to use the following ‘link’ to help us keep track of the requests, since our ‘inventory’ comes so late! It makes it easier to match availability. For the family requesting a tree: http://www.christmastreesofhope.com/ctoh/product-category/receive
      Make the selections to the cart and then ‘checkout’ with their ‘shipping’ information.

      I will be in touch, separately, to discuss your generous offer, availability, etc. Thank you SOOO much, again. Sharon (your phone number would be helpful, if possible.) Thanks again.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for the info! The adopted family is all signed up. Can I send my phone # to your private email? Is that yahoo address the correct one?



    1. Hi Melissa, Please ring me, as I am not receiving emails from you and would like to discuss the truck options. Thanks much… Sharon 949.613.5059 or 949.485.5098 or 630-235-9674 (mobile/text).

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